Nonsurgical age correction

    Famous actress and a beautiful woman! We got to know each other during the filming of one popular talk-show. Natalia Nikolaievna and her husband bring up their young son Kirill who loves his stepmother very much and wants to see her young and beautiful! Her wish to meet the requirements of her stepson resulted in her visit to us.

    Evident age-related changes – significant changes of the face oval, structured wrinkles, the nasolabial folds and looseness of tissues. The program consisted of the combination of internal lift SMAS®, injections of fat tissue lipolysis factor in the region of the nasolabial folds and two procedures of the structural coherent lift®. Thus we solved three main tasks:

    1. we received the tremendous result with regard to the shape and architecture of the face, the tissues became more elastic and dense;

    2. we removed the excess subcutaneous fat tissue. The face visually became more thin, “narrow”, thus significantly changing the general perception of the image as the patient has broad cheek bones and high forehead;

    3. we removed all the aesthetic defects of the face skin, structured wrinkles and obtained the evident effect of skin lift.