Creation of ideal skin

    Initially the woman came to us for a consultation with the purpose of face oval and shape correction. During the visit we discussed the aesthetic defects of her appearance and came to the conclusion that not only face oval made her look older – there also were the enlarged pores and capillaries and bulges over the nasolabial folds, etc.

    Having come to such conclusion we started to get rid of all aesthetic problems using step-by-step approach:

    First of all, we removed the excess subcutaneous fat tissue in the region of the gill and nasolabial bulges. With the help of a special scar-free program on COHERENT laser we removed the moles with no pain and traces. The histological examination results were ready in 14 days. Than we performed two procedures of internal lift SMAS® that allowed lifting the muscles, strengthening of the frame of the face, chin, neck and region around the eyes.

    After two weeks we performed the first procedure of the structural coherent lift® that removed the aesthetic skin defects and one month later the patient came to us for mastopexia (breast lift). The plastic surgery was successful and while the woman stayed at inpatient department we performed the final stage of appearance harmonization – the second procedure of the structural coherent lift®. During the surgery we took the samples of fibroblasts and created her personal cell bank.

    The result is tremendous!