Removal of excess tissue from the cheeks and chin

    The patient who applied to us some months ago told us her story. She had tried to put in order her face and neck for some years already. As the patient lived in Tver so she applied to the local clinics and cosmetology centers. Her health condition did not allow her to undergo the neck and cheek lift and microlipoaspiration of the chin and cheeks. To her great regret, the patient received no effect from Anti-Age procedures performed in Tver.

    We assigned and performed two procedures of the removal of the excess subcutaneous fat tissue by injections, two procedures of internal lift SMAS® that corrected the face oval and shape and two procedures of the structural coherent lift® that removed the spongy skin, red spots and spider veins.

    As the patient resided not in Moscow it was convenient for her that we distributed the whole scope of procedures for two visits only.

    After the course we can see the changed face oval, removed gill and fresh skin without any age-related problems. The patient is absolutely satisfied with the obtained result and at present she undergoes the course of medication weight loss.