Creation of ideal appearance

    The patient’s mother who works in one of the gold-mining industries of Mikhail Dmitrievich Prokhorov did everything to make her daughter come to Beauty Plaza® for appearance harmonization. We developed a clear plan for:

- face oval and shape correction;
- smoothening of the skin surface;
- appearance harmonization, adding of womanhood and softness to the appearance;
- face weight loss.

    As the patient resided not in Moscow we developed a strict schedule – just three visits with two weeks interval during. We performed:

- 2 procedures of the structural coherent lift® that completely removed the spongy skin, relief pigmentation spots and vessels. The skin became ideally smooth and soft without characteristic greasy luster;
- Ultralift® procedure that formed the clear face oval and shape, highlighted the cheekbones and chin and “work out” the face shape;
- 2 procedures of nonsurgical rhinoplasty that evened and narrowed the dorsum, lifted and sharpened the tip of the nose;
- a procedure of ideal skin creation with the help of injection of fibroblasts in the region of the face and neck.

    No doubt there were also plans regarding the appearance harmonization, skin restructuring with the help of fibroblasts but both the daughter and mother received what they wanted!