Rejuvenation of face tissues

    A very positive person (ER physician)! In her middle ages she tried to implement the dream of her life in one of Yaroslavl clinic – to have a beautiful well-tuned nose. To her great regret, the result brought no satisfaction for her: the tip of her nose lost any shape, moreover, there were scars on it. She was recommended to apply to BEAUTY PLAZA in her town but three years passed until she found the possibility to came to us.


- one procedure of nose correction within the scope of harmonization after the unsuccessful rhinoplasty
- one procedure of internal lift SMAS™

    The injections for nonsurgical removal of the hernias of the lower eyelids were received by the patient as a present.

    The result obtained after all these procedures is really striking: her face became sleek, the sags under the eyes were removed and expression lines smoothened. And, at last, she obtained the nose shape she was dreaming of.