Harmonisation appearance after unsuccessful plastic surgery

    She is a well-known model in Slovakia. She was one of the patients of the local “guru” of plastic surgery. There are so-called “endoscopic” face lift and “rhinoplasty” in her medical history that instead of improvement of the patient’s appearance disfigured her: asymmetry of nose dorsum, its lowered and wide tip and a suture in the scalp “from one ear to another”.

    The patient’s husband could not bear his mutilated wife and after one year he bought the tickets for Moscow with the goal of visiting Beauty Plaza – our clinic was recommended by his business partner. We decided to harmonize the model’s appearance and add some chic to it.

    After the advising with Aleksandr Tepliashin the cicatrectomy and endoscopic lift of the upper third of the face were performed.

    During the stay at the inpatient department we advised the patient and performed some procedures:

    - Internal lift SMAS™ for the correction of the face oval, removal of the nasolabial folds and gill – two procedures;

    - two procedures of nonsurgical rhinoplasty that allowed correction of the asymmetry of the nose and level up the nose tip:

    - special injections removing the remains of gel and fillers in the area of the nasolabial folds and lips.

    The girl’s appearance changed in full and became harmonic and natural. Both the patient and her husband are satisfied!