Lower eyelids FAMI, face oval and shape correction

    The girl choose a European medical center for the correctional surgery where she underwent the “endoscopic” lift of the upper and central thirds of the face, correction of the length and shape, blepharoplasty of the lower eyelids and rhinoplasty.

    The obtained result was far from the patient’s high expectations. When the patient applied to Beauty Plaza® she was not satisfied with:

  • - the expressed asymmetry of the face;
  • - “bird of prey” nose shape;
  • - asymmetry of the upper and lower lips;
  • - unsatisfactory face oval;
  • - deep caving in the region of the lower eyelids with scars in the region of the cheekbones.

    Patient underwent:

  • - FAMI of the lower eyelids with smoothening of skin surface using the technology of structural coherent lift®;
  • - 2 procedures of internal lift SMAS® with absolute correction of the face oval and shape and liquidation of face asymmetry;
  • - removal of scars in the region of scars in the region of nose alae and region above the lip;
  • - 2 procedures of nonsurgical rhinoplasty with front and profile correction;
  • - a procedure of SPRS-therapy with the use of placental fibroblasts.

    At last this young woman received the result she was really worth!

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