Complex rejuvenation of face tissues

    A slender and volitional woman actively engaged in business. But she had no time for herself. In the appearance of the patient one can see tiredness, drooping of eyelids make her eyes look “heavy” and nasolabial folds and “blurry” face oval adds age to her.

    We performed the complex skin rejuvenation, improved face oval and shape and corrected the shape of her nose.

    We needed two procedures of nonsurgical rhinoplasty, one procedure of the removal of the excess subcutaneous fat tissue with the help of modeling injections and two procedures of the structural coherent lift® and two procedures of internal lift SMAS®. In two weeks after the aforementioned procedures we performed SPRS – therapy.

    Additionally, under the oncologist’s supervision, we removed some moles. As a result the patient obtained a new image without hints at tiredness and only motivation and charisma were highlighted!