Removal of age-related changes

    This charming woman always dreamt of eternal youth. When she was young she was the first beauty of the city. In her middle ages she continued to look after herself. Five years ago she, to her great regret, she underwent unsuccessful facioplasty. After the death of her husband she lost the possibility of regular visiting of day spas.

    We were assigned a very complicated task: to correct the face oval and shape, remove the structural changes on the face skin, even the surface of the skin, remove the capillaries, vessels, pigmentation and traces of previous surgeries. Moreover, we had to smoothen and shorten the region of the upper lip, extend the region of the face and neck, correct of the nose shape and make it more elegant. I was not sure that it was possible but we managed to make her dreams come true!


1. technology of internal face and neck lift SMAS®
2. resorption of the excess subcutaneous fat tissue in the region of the central and lower part of the face;
3. 1 procedure of the structural coherent lift®
4. one procedure of nonsurgical rhinoplasty.

    The effect and satisfaction of the patient were very high. We presented her with a certificate for one procedure of the structural coherent lift® to this wonderful woman.