Patient V., 56 years

    I still have the feeling of deep respect of relationship seen by me in this couple as I the husband was the next for the surgery.

    A beautiful and well-built woman who underwent surgery 15 years ago but who looked elder than her biologic age nowadays. It was even more noticeable due to her wrinkled skin, “jams” around the mouth, so-called smoker’s wrinkles and early senile pigmentation. To tell the truth, her neck looked much better in comparison to her face.

    The patient had the chin and lower jaw of beautiful shape. Taking this into account and keeping in mind her previous surgery I selected the combination of the endolift of the upper part of the face along with the plastic surgery of cheeks and neck thus highlighting all the advantages of this face. And, of course, laser polishing of the skin of the eyelids and around the mouth. Pay attention to the quality of the skin after the surgery. It became possible thanks to the unique technology of the structural coherent lift ® developed by BEAUTY PLAZA®. It removes all aesthetic defects of the skin of the body and face and improves collagen synthesis by 70%!

    In this case we fully removed the pigmentation, small wrinkles, capillary network, the quality of the skin improved significantly. In four years after the surgery we fixed the obtained result with the help of the administration of fibroblasts – young cells of the skin. The tissues became elastic and dense and the skin became young again.

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