Ideal skin creation

    When a woman dries her hair in red color it speaks of her vivid personality.

    19 years ago this true perfectionist came to us in order to perform the endoscopic face lift of the upper and central thirds. Additionally we created the personal bank of three types of cells: fibroblasts, fat tissue cells and bone marrow cells. The obtain result exceeded all the patient’s expectations!

    Nine years passed and she came to our cosmetology department: she was embarrassed by her multiple moles on the face (we removed them in the course of work), skin quality (enlarged pores, pigment spots and capillaries) and face oval defect in the lower part of the face. We performed: one procedure of structural coherent lift ® of the face that made her skin quality perfect, one procedure of internal lift SMAS™ that allowed to achieve the necessary lift effect along with simultaneous removal of the excess subcutaneous fat tissue in the lower part. Using her fibroblasts we performed SPRS-therapy of the regions of the face, neck, neckline and hands.
    Thus, thanks to the aforementioned support procedures we prolonged the obtained result for many years!