Ideal skin

    Our clinic and this young woman and her family are friends for a very long time. Recently they have moved for residence to Greece but they continue to come to use for some procedures.

    After some years of living in a sunny climate the pigmentation in the forehead region developed so she came to us to remove it. At the visit we proposed her to do some procedures to her face as with age her drooping eyebrows made her face look frowning in some way and the appeared looseness of tissues, especially in the central part, directed the face vector downwards. The patient agreed with our reasons so we turned to work.

    Two procedures of structural coherent lift ® with 7 days interval removed the pigmentation on the forehead in full and improved the skin quality. And just one procedure on PLAZMOLIFT ™ system densified the tissues and created the new architecture of the lower part of the face. After the endoscopic forehead lift the eyes became to look open and glaring and the woman looked younger than her age. Her face received more elegant shape.

    Afterwards the patient came to BEAUTY PLAZA for nonsurgical rhinoplasty. Her accurate and balanced nose added the charm of youth and beauty.