Complex appearance harmonization

    Typical changes characteristic of this age: face oval changes, wrinkled neck and ptosis of the upper eyelids make the patient’s eyes look “tired”.

    The patient set the task sharply – she wanted to eradicate the signs of skin “tiredness” and remove the nasolabial folds.

    Performed: two procedures of internal lift SMAS with 3 days interval (with the application of diffusion attachments SmartVolume® and SmartLift®). We treated both the face and the neck. Using PeriOrbital® attachment we leveled up the external corner of the eyes and made her eyes more open.

    Next the patient underwent the course of Stylage – mesotherapeutic preparation with unstabilized hyaluronic acid that provides more intensive saturation of tissues in comparison with the stabilized one. Unstabilized hyaluronic acid contains the molecules of polymethylacrylate thus securing the full absorption by the tissues and saturation with proteins and fluid. Namely this procedure is a part of Procollagen program.

    The “after-surgery” photograph was made after the completion of the whole course of Procollagen program. The patient is absolutely satisfied with the obtained result.