Appearance harmonization

    A famous singer Anne Veski came to us in the framework of “You are a superstar!” project of NTV channel. During the examination at the consultation we found out all the age-related changes: defects of the face oval and shape, drooping of the upper eyelids and presence of nasolabial folds. Anne also wished to have ideal skin – without pores and capillaries.

    Performed: 2 procedures of internal lift SMAS® that provided nonsurgical lift of temporomalar muscles, region of the gill and nasolabial folds and removed the looseness of tissues. With the help of special modeling injections we removed the so-called “flews”. One procedure of the structural coherent lift® was enough to solve the problems of the skin.

    None of these procedures require rehabilitation period and the next day Anne performed on the scene, impressing the spectators with her great vocal and perfect appearance as the effect of the procedures of BEAUTY PLAZA® can be seen right after the procedure!