Removal of face puffiness

    In this case we have a clear example of puffiness effect after the gel injection in the region of the nasolabial folds.

    In order to remove these consequences we injected a special preparation in the area of the bulges of the nasolabial folds that dispersed the remnants of gel and fibrous tissue around it. Two procedures on PLAZMOLIFT ™ system with 3 days interval provided the strong tandem of the skin, subcutaneous fat tissue and muscular tissue. Her face became less puffy and obtained the clear lines of the oval. We treated not only the face but the neck, too. The result shall preserve for 5-6 years.

    We created the Bank of fibroblasts. for this patient. The “after-surgery” photograph was made in two months after the injection of these young cells. Pay attention to the changes in the quality of the skin structure, its firmness and elasticity, especially in such region of concern as the lower eyelids.

    On half profile photos you can clearly see the changes in the vector of the external corners of the eyes after the treatment with PeriOrbital® attachment. Her eyes became open and glaring! The result is tremendous!