Nonsurgical age correction

      Nonsurgical anti age technologies are the panacea for those people who are not morally ready for plastic surgery and who will not undergo it in the future and this woman is a clear example. The level of the present age-related changes had made her an ideal candidate for the surgery but during our consultation we found out that we should go the other way.

      Two procedures of internal lift SMAS® in the region of the face and neck with 5 days interval were enough to achieve a brilliant result. With the help of diffusion attachment PeriOrbital® we treated the delicate region of the eyes thus significantly improving the situation with the ptosis of the upper eyelids. Next we performed the procedure of the structural coherent lift®. This helped in the removal of spider veins on the face, pigmentation spots and small network of wrinkles.

      The whole program took only one week. We selected a homecare line of Japanese cosmetics series Wave. And three years after the program the patient injected fibroblasts in the region of the face, neck and neckline. They rejuvenated the skin as the production of collagen (characteristic of young tissues) was restored. Thanks to it her tissues became firmer and more elastic.