Nonsurgical age correction

    The patient had never previously paid attention to her appearance as she was engaged in her business and upbringing of her children. However, I must say, she had time to “pump” herself with gel injections! And the result was the chubby “blurred” face with areas of severe fibrosis.

    We remember her as a person who wished to look young and that was our task. However, the first stage in our program was the removal of the consequences of gel injections and excess subcutaneous fat tissue.

    Next we performed two procedures of internal lift SMAS® with 3 days interval with the application of SmartVolume® and SmartLift® diffusion attachments. We treated the region of the face and the neck. Using PeriOrbital® diffusion attachment we leveled up the external corner of the eyes thus making her eyes look more open. The culmination of our program was the procedure with the application of fibroblasts – the cells responsible for the production of collagen and elastin.

    The “after-surgery” photo was made in 7 weeks after the aforementioned procedure. Her new appearance caused changes in her mode of dress and hairstyle and the result was tremendous.