Fibroblasts therapy

    Speaking to this cute woman and her husband was of great pleasure for us and the photos of her country house full of flowers grown by her could touch the everybody’s heart.

    This woman had typical age-related changes: significant changes of the face oval, expression lines, quaggy neck, ptosis of the upper eyelids, etc. To tell the truth, the ideal variant for her should be surgery but it was a hard decision to take for a woman who had never made anything to her appearance. So her husband took the initiative and brought her to my consultation.

    Two procedures of internal lift SMAS® in the region of the face and the neck with 5 days interval were enough to obtain a tremendous result. With the help of PeriOrbital® diffusion attachment we treated the delicate area around the eyes thus significantly reducing the ptosis of the upper eyelids. Next we performed the procedure of the structural coherent lift® that helped to remove the small network of wrinkles on her face and neck.

    The final stage of Procollagen program was the procedure of fibroblasts injection – i.e. the cells of the skin responsible for collagen and elastin synthesis. Bank of personal fibroblasts was created.

    The whole program took two weeks only. From the series of Japanese cosmetics Wave we selected a homecare line. Inspired by the wife’s results the husband decided that he should correspond to her new image. However, it is another story.