Removal of biopolymer gel

    During the consultation the patient clearly formulated her wishes: the matter of her concern was the condition of the face oval and the quality of her skin. The situation was complicated due to the presence of biopolymer gel injected by the patient in the region of the nasolabial folds.

    Nonsurgical anti-age technologies became the panacea for this kind of people who were not morally ready for plastic surgery. The grade of the present age-related changes made her an ideal candidate for the surgery but during the consultation we found out that we had to select some other way.

    First of all, we had to remove the remnants of gel in the midface that made it look heavier and puffy. It was easily done using special equipment developed by our laboratory.

    Next two procedures of internal face and neck lift SMAS® with 5 days interval in combination with the injections of the fat tissue lipolysis factor were enough to obtain a brilliant effect. With the help of PeriOrbital® diffusion attachment we treated the delicate area around the eyes, thus significantly reducing the drooping of the upper eyelids and removing the wrinkles on the lower eyelids. Look at the clear and smooth forehead of the patient!

    Next we performed the procedure of the structural coherent lift®. So we removed all the aesthetic defects on the face skin, including the spider veins, pigmentation spots and small network of wrinkles.

    The final stage of Procollagen program was the procedure of fibroblasts injection, i.e. the cells responsible for collagen and elastin synthesis. The Bank of personal fibroblasts was created.

    The whole program took 10 days only. We selected a homecare line of the Japanese cosmetics series Wave.