Nonsurgical face lift

    The patient has a complicated life. Her first surgeries were in far 90ies. Afterwards she twice tried to remove the results of previous unsuccessful surgeries. Her face lost its shape; natural proportions were lost, too. Some dips appeared in the lower part of the face and the face vector was directed downwards. Two rhinoplasties left only the lowered tip from her nose; there were almost no dorsum. Her face lost its volume, natural proportions were violated, there were cavings on the lower part of the face and the face vector was directed downwards. After two rhinoplasties only the lowered tip of the nose was remaining, with almost no dorsum left. Of course, the age also must be kept in mind.

    The technology of Hollywood harmonic lift allowed the transformation of the tissues upwards having fixed their new position by special biological glue used in cardiac surgery for gluing of vessels. VolumeLift preparation allowed us to restore the volume of the face, especially in the lower part. We made her cheek bones and chin more prominent. The total restructuring of the nose using her own cartilages was performed.

    Intravenous anesthesia. Surgery duration 1.20. Inpatient care for 8 days.

    Afterwards two procedures of internal lift SMAS® with special attachment PeriOrbital was performed thus removing the conditions of tissue thickness, especially in the eyelids area, and to move up the tails of the eyes.