Fibroblasts therapy

    A young and attractive woman some years ago performed blepharoplasty and thread rejuvenation (reinforcement) APTOS in one of Moscow famous clinics. To her great regret, the necessary result was not achieved. Moreover, her appearance became even worse thus having a negative effect on the patient’s self-esteem: the woman was shy to make photos and some internal discomfort appeared, too. The effect of “canvas skin” appeared after the reinforcement, also known as a bed quilt effect, i.e. skin sagging over the threads.

    Blepharoplasty made her eye shape look unnatural, some densified scars were left that were seen on photos from any side and it was impossible to appear without makeup in the daylight.

    To remove these negative consequences we performed 2 procedures of internal lift SMAS® for the face and one procedure for the neck. With the help of the structural coherent lift® we removed the aesthetic skin defects, including scars on the eyelids. The procedure of modeling injections removed the excess volume in the region of the chin and nasolabial folds.

    In 1.5 month the patient underwent the course of Detox, next her own fibroblasts were injected in the region of the face and hands thus making the tissues firm and elastic. The result is tremendous!